About Linda Breathnach

Psychotherapist, Lecturer, Trainer and Supervisor


About Linda Breathnach


Linda Breathnach MIACP is a married mum of 4 who has been living and working in Navan and the greater Dublin area since 2006.
Accredited by the IACP, Linda is a Psychotherapist, Lecturer, Trainer and Supervisor Across Professions.
With an IACP Accredited Diploma in Counselling from Northside Counselling Services, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from DCU, a Diploma in Advanced Supervision across Professions from ICPPD, an Advanced Diploma in Group Facilitation from Meitheal, and QQI accredited Train the Trainer Cert.

Linda has nearly 20 years’ experience of working with individuals, couples and groups in therapeutic and corporate environments.  She has a real passion for empowering clients, supervisees, employees and group participants to process their inner beliefs, doubts and dreams and in turn to take further steps towards becoming their best selves both personally and professionally.

Treat yourself to therapy:

People often ask how I ended up working as a Counsellor Psychotherapist. I do this work because I love it and because I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from it.
As part of my training and work on myself I have had to undertake hundreds of hours of Personal Therapy.
It is important that I have self awareness when working with clients, otherwise my unconscious drives, needs and emotions might get in the way.

After 20 years it’s still a work in progress! The reason I share this is because I have always found going to therapy over the years to be such a privilege and sometimes a luxury.

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Why I became a therapist:

I started getting interested in this work when a woman I used to babysit for (who is now a very dear friend) used to say she was going to meet her “friend” and she eventually explained that it was her therapist.
With the challenges of life and having a young family, she explained that she found it to be a real luxury to go and offload to somebody objective and that she didn’t have to worry about the therapist’s feelings or being judged etc and she always felt good afterwards.

Just like going to the gym, I really believe that therapy can be a real treat! I don’t believe we should have to wait until things are “really bad” before we go to therapy. It can sometimes take effort but it is a positive thing to do. Treat Yourself!

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My Experience

Having worked with couples, individuals, and groups since the year 2000, Linda’s passion is in helping people overcome whatever they are facing, to set goals and reach their potential. Linda is experienced in working with the long-term unemployed, traveller women, crisis pregnancy, trainee therapists, volunteers, professionals, etc. Regardless of the profile and background of the people Linda works with, her approach is always the same, positive, inspiring and empowering.

My Education

  • Diploma in Counselling from Northside Conselling Services
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from DCU
  • Diploma in Advanced Supervision across Professions from ICPPD
  • Advanced Diploma in Group Facilitation from Meitheal
  • QQI accredited Train the Trainer Cert

My work covers three broad categories

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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a safe space where you can reflect on what is happening in your life without judgement.

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Supervision is a safe reflective space for individuals or groups to explore, learn and grow.

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Workplace Wellness

With so much focus on Health and Wellbeing, Corporate Wellness is currently a vital aspect of Employer Responsibility.

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