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Workplace Wellness Consultancy

Living through a pandemic is bringing unprecedented challenges. We are providing consultancy and customised online training supports to employers and employees nationwide, supporting them in their mental health and wellbeing.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Counselling & Psychotherapy is a safe space where you can reflect on what is happening in your life without judgement. You will also be facilitated and challenged to explore what you are finding difficult and find new ways to cope differently.

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Professional Supervision Services

Supervision is a reflective space for individuals or groups to explore, learn and grow. Personally tackle your professional challenges with my support and feel informed, empowered and energised. click for more info.

Online video sessions now available

All Couple, Relationship and Individual therapy sessions are now available online through zoom.

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Hello! I’m Linda

IACP Accredited Psychotherapist & Counsellor

I have nearly 20 years’ experience of working with individuals, couples and groups in therapeutic and corporate environments.  I have a real passion for empowering clients, supervisees, employees and group participants to process their inner beliefs, doubts and dreams and in turn to take further steps towards becoming their best selves both personally and professionally.

Linda created a tailor-made presentation and Self-Care Talk for our team. Linda’s style of presentation was very warm and engaging, immediately making everyone feel comfortable. We learnt valuable skills for our professional and personal lives, to deal with stress, change and lack of control in situations.

Anna Kierans, HR Officer

Rathfarnham Daycare/ Kidspace

Linda is a fantastic facilitator, she conveys each topic with honesty and clarity and is open to everyone’s opinions and thoughts. She has great experience and is extremely knowledgeable in the field of mental health and well-being. I really do feel I have gained a deeper understanding of stress and anxiety and knowing how to reflect on certain feelings and emotions.

CalX Employee

Linda is extremely personable and presented the material in a honest, positive and non-intimidating manner. Each staff member took something from the session that was relevant to them and that could help them. Working with Linda was fantastic and highly recommendable.


Laura Murphy, HR Manager

Thesaurus Software Ltd / Brightpay Ltd

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Featured in the Sunday Times

The Therapy And Training Boss Embraced The Anxiety Brought On By The Pandemic And Took Her Start-Up Online

I remember the surrealness of it all. Before lockdown, I was already in a zone of anxiety, change and newness having only recently gone fully self-employed 18 months earlier. I remember the panic and anxiety on the day of Leo Varadkar’s first speech announcing the closure….           

Featured on Ireland Together

Ireland Together With: Linda Breathnach, Psychotherapist And Lecturer (Interview)

Linda Breathnach MIACP is an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist with 20 years’ experience of working with couples, individuals and groups. She runs a busy private practice, is a lecturer for PCI College and she also runs Online Talks and Corporate Workshops. In the last few weeks she has been presenting Online Wellness Talks….        

Video: Couples Communication 

Couples Communication During Difficult Times

Linda Breathnach’s interview with PCI College (affiliated with Middlesex University) about how to improve communications in couples during these challenging times. Linda offers a wealth of tips, suggestions and advice on how to communicate better and avoid arguments and conflict ….

MH&WS Chat Series on Coping During a Global Pandemic

A number of people asked if we could help with some tips about minding our mental in the current health crisis. So we reached out to some of our previous speakers and other mental health professionals and with their help, have created a short series of conversations covering a number of different topics about coping during this difficult time. In this first chat we discuss how parents can look after themselves in order to cope with the increased pressures the current health emergency has created, with Linda Breathnach

Couples Communication during difficult times

In today’s talk, our lecturer, Linda Breathnach is interviewed by PCI’s Mike Hackett on how to enhance couple communication during the current lockdown. Linda offers a wealth of tips, suggestions and advice on how to communicate better and avoid arguments and conflict.

The way I work

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Listening, Challenging, Facilitating & Empowering

I facilitate and empower you to work through whatever is blocking you and help move you out of whatever “stuckness” you might be experiencing. Through proper counselling and psychotherapy, I strive to solve any issue you may have.

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy for Men

Men can sometimes feel pressured to “put a brave face on” when really you might be feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed underneath. If you would like to work through uncomfortable negative emotions towards becoming an empowered and confident man, I can help!

Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy

Having a third person who is trained to be objective and non-judgemental yet challenging when necessary can be really helpful for couples who feel like they are going around in circles.
Relationship counselling and psychotherapy can be really helpful for healing issues that may have been avoided for convenience and in so doing, bring these issues to the fore to be analysed in a professional yet personal manner.

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